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Development, component management, ECad and MCad engineering, DFM scans and prototyping: all aspects essential in creating a successful product. Neways Technologies adapts to your needs by providing tailored services: from single service to one-stop provider.


One of Neways Technologies’s key activities is - based on your ideas and in close co-operation - developing and designing totally new products or further development of existing ones. Our market knowledge and understanding, plus the range of technology we can apply, makes Neways Technologies the best partner in any situation.


Component management
Effective component management leads to cost conscious development and reduced lead times. It also creates the foundation of product life cycle management and allows you to focus on your core activities. For component management Neways Technologies uses the advanced, customer accessible CDIS (Component Data Intelligence System) that contains data including RoHs-data, end of life-reports and last time buy information.

ECad- en MCad-engineering
In Neways Technologies’s processes, ECad and MCad engineering occupy a central role. Using advanced software we can draw electrical connection sheets, PCB layouts as well as three-dimensional models. As the various software packages are compatible, we can quickly create a competitively priced and practically faultless basis for your products - products that comply with the strictest standards.

DFM scans
Quality inspections prior to commencing production prevent unnecessary and often costly redesigns. The DFM scans run by Neways Technologies cut development costs, reduce the time to market and enhance product quality. Even if the layout was made elsewhere, Neways Technologies can still run DFM scans.

To quickly and efficiently test developed boards for functionality, Neways Technologies can manufacture your prototypes directly and with guaranteed lead times. Using advanced tools we read the BOM data into the ERP system - to maximise efficiency of business processes.

Product life cycle management
The component market is characterised by dynamism. To guarantee the producibility and competitiveness of your product, rapid reactions are often vital for success. This particularly applies to products available on the market for prolonged periods. With its broad expertise, years of experience and advanced tools such as CDI, Neways Technologies ensures alert and perceptive product life cycle management of your product. This database also registers the actual status of RoHs data.